Andy Murray Wimbledon 2022

‘Andy Murray is one of the great guys,’ says former doubles star

Andy Murray may appear ‘whiney’ during matches, but Rennae Stubbs says he is completely different once you get him off the tennis court.

Murray was honoured this week by the ATP, who awarded him the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award in recognition of his contribution to UNICEF’s Ukraine appeal.

The former world number one gave the charity – for which he is an ambassador – all of his 2022 prize money, a sum that totalled more than $600,000.

“Obviously the guy (Andy Murray) has a lot of money,” Stubbs said whilst discussing the award.

“He clearly has made a lot of money from the sport of tennis but it’s still well over half a million dollars to give away. It’s pretty phenomenal”

“That is his money, he earned, he’s just one of the great guys.”

While few have ever questioned Murray’s tennis ability, many have noted that he can enjoy a good rant – usually at himself or his box – during matches.

Stubbs, though, says his on-court demeanour is very different to how he is away from competition.

“He gets a bad rap,” she said. “He’s a little tough to watch sometime. He carries on at times on the court like a porkchop. We know that we’ve given him a crack about it.

“You know, he’s a bit whiny, compliancy [sic]. But, off the tennis court, there’s no better guy, there’s no nicer guy, there’s no funnier guy.”

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Michael Graham, Editor, has been a professional sports journalist for his whole career and is especially passionate about tennis. He's been the Editor of for over 5 years and loves watching live tennis by visiting as many tournaments as possible. Michael specialises in writing in-depth features about the ATP & WTA tours.