Andy Murray in action at US Open

Andy Murray happy with hip but admits: ‘I’m ranked 115 in the world and my game reflects that just now’

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Andy Murray says his tennis is the problem at the moment, not his hip, after he lost in straight sets to Felix Auger-Aliassime at the US Open.

The former world number one came through a punishing five-set marathon on Tuesday, but was overpowered by the Canadian in second round.

However, he said that while his recovery was tough, it was more to do with a lack of tennis over the last few years than anything specifically injury-related.

“A lot of my body felt really, really good,” Andy Murray explained. “There was a few bits that were, you know, a bit sore.

“I played a couple of tough matches in Cincinnati and I played certainly one very tough match here, and my right hip felt good. That’s really, really positive.

“But, yeah, I don’t really know exactly what I should have been expecting, really. I mean, I haven’t played a whole lot of Grand Slam tennis the last few years.

“Yeah, I mean, physically, like I said, I coped well with it the first match, and maybe I would have liked to have recovered a bit better than what I did.

“But, I mean, what are you meant to expect, you know, when you have not played matches for a very long time and then you play a four-and-a-half hour one the other day?

“You know, maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference if I was feeling 10, 15% better.

“He was obviously playing very well. But, you know, there is maybe some things I could have done differently in the match.

“I’m ranked 115, 120 in the world and my game reflects that just now.

“So I’ll need to get better if I want to move up the rankings and be more competitive.

Andy Murray in action at US Open
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