Alexander Zverev appealing

Alexander Zverev accuses US Open of poor coronavirus protocol: ‘Players should be told first’

Alexander Zverev has accused the US Open of failing to communicate with players over the coronavirus situation surround Benoit Paire.

The Frenchman tested positive for Covid and was removed from the tournament after the result, but any players who may have been in contact with him have been placed in a restrictive bubble within bio-secure environment.

That hasn’t gone down well with those players, with Kristina Mladenovic complaining she was not even allowed to train anymore.

Alexander Zverev is not a player who Paire is believed to have had contact with, but he is also unhappy with how it was all handled.

“I think that in such a situation we players should be informed first,” Zverev said.

“We have seen Benoit the whole time. As players, we also have to know who was with whom.”

Daniil Medvedev, however, does not agree with Zverev’s concerns, telling the New York Times the Russian had not been affected by the Paire situation.