Prince Tour 100 310 review

Advanced racket reviews & play test: Prince Tour 100 310

Professional players become very attached to their rackets, it can come down to the look, the weight, how easy they feel they can swing through the air. In fact, many top players stay with the same manufacturer for the duration of their careers. We decided to test and review the latest advanced rackets on the market to see what the difference is between 8 of the top brands on the market including the Prince Tour 100 310


Now, that can trickle down to advanced level players – top club competitors, those in performance squads or juniors eager to break onto the pro circuit. At tennishead we understand this is a serious decision, so we have put together a series of play tests and reviews for the leading rackets on the market aimed at advanced players.

Here, tennishead reviews and play tests the Prince Tour 100 310.

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Background to the Prince Tour 100 310

The Tour franchise has been developed to provide supreme control and enhanced feel for players with long fast swings. The addition of TeXtreme® material has created a Tour franchise with more stability than ever before, increasing the control to laser like precision whilst adding enough pop to hit clean winners.

Key Features: TeXtreme® technology, Clean Cosmetics, Highly Visible

Primary Performance Benefit: Superior racquet stability without increased stiffness, Unmatched mix of power, spin and feel, Most control oriented racquet in Prince collection

Plain & Simple: The ideal choice for players with longer, faster swings


The play test

“You really didn’t require much force or effort from your body to produce power with this Prince. It could generate a lot of power so I found myself confident to step in a lot. For someone who hits the ball clean and hard this is on the money,” Will told Tennishead.

“Using that force I enjoyed the match play with this frame, I could land a shot deep and quickly get back into the point.

“If we are looking for a comparison the power was on a pretty similar level to the Technifibre I tried, but with a stronger sense of control.”

For its weight this Prince is a brilliant blend of power, spin capabilities and manoeuvrability.

The second generation of the TeXtreme technology is evidently helping to reduce any twisting in the frame on contact.

By focusing on the lower loop of the rackets, Prince have unlocked the ultimate stability.

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Technical specifications

Even though you’ve been playing tennis for a while and have probably bought and used multiple different rackets, do oyu really know what all the different technical specifications mean and how they influence the racket you use? Make sure you have all the knowledge by reading our guide to tennis racket specifications here

Prince Tour 100 310

RRP ⇒ £199.95

Head size ⇒ 100sq inches

Weight ⇒ 310g

String pattern ⇒16×18

Balance ⇒ 310mm

Beam ⇒ 22mm/23mm/20mm

Length ⇒ 27in

String tension ⇒ 48-58lbs

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