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5 Most popular tennis events to bet on in Poland

When it comes to betting on sports matches, chances are that you have never even thought about staking on tennis. This is understandable since it usually requires a bit of coordination and skill. But if you are interested in getting involved with a new type of betting, then you might be curious to learn more about tennis.

Before placing your first wager, this article will enlighten you on the most popular events you can consider betting on in Poland.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is one of the most popular tennis events Polish players stake in. It is the first Grand Slam tournament of the year and takes place over two weeks, beginning in mid-January at Melbourne Park. It is one of the oldest tennis events in the world, having been first held in 1905 and was originally called the Australasian Lawn Tennis Championship.

For tennis betting gamblers, it is like a second chance to win real money immediately after missing out on the opportunities of the previous year’s tournaments. Australian Open benefits and lucrative predictions make several bettors use Ultra casino and other top-rated platforms for tennis betting. There is also a lot of fun, excitement, and competition for pro players and their fans.


It is no doubt that Wimbledon is the most outstanding tennis event to bet on in Poland. The tournament, which takes place in July in London, is played on a grass court playing surface and is known to be the third of the four Grand Slams played each year. The best players from male and female categories participate in this tournament, making it perfect for staking and fun.

The event has a wide choice of betting markets and does not only give options for gamers to place their bets on the winner of the elimination stage, their quarter, and the whole tournament. You can bet on a top Polish casino online that offers players many betting opportunities. These include Total Game Points, Total Games, Game Winner, 1st Point Winner, Next Break of Serve, Set Betting, The Match Winner, and Match Handicap to gather wealth while gaming. You can also enjoy the bonuses and promotions offered on these top sites while enjoying the thrill of the game.

French Open

For tennis game lovers, it is always an exciting second of the four annual Grand Slam tournaments for the season worldwide. The second major event that makes up the annual Grand Slam of tennis takes place on a premier clay court, played by both males and females. You can bet on your chosen and make predictions on which professional player with the higher chance of winning and how long a game will take. As the second Grand Slam of the tennis season, players can make more money within two solid weeks of betting and taking chances. The event occurs within the last week of May and the first week of June.

US Open

The US Open is one of the top tennis events Poland players bet on. It is the last Grand Slam which holds in the final week of August to the first week of September in New York, USA. As the Grand Slam holds at the end of the year, the tournament is more competitive, making it a perfect fit for players to bet on to win big. The tournament offers players various tennis betting options as the other Grand Slams of the year. And you can easily locate a Polish gaming site offering bonuses and promotions for the tennis event.

Olympic Games

Although it is unpopular, tennis has a long history in the Olympic Games. The tennis Olympic season starts on July 23 and runs to August 1. Awarding medalists for men’s and women’s players singles is usually decided by a 64-player draw and elimination tournament. Double medals are also usually completed by 32 teams consisting of male and female players, while mixed double medals consist of 16 teams. Bronze medal matches usually come first, followed by gold and silver medal finals for each event.

For gamers, this is the best betting season because pro tennis players are at the peak of their abilities. Predicting the best will be far easier for those interested in studying Olympic tennis potentials to stake on. However, betting on this event creates more chances of winning big due to the several games played during the tournament.


Tennis is a popular sport that always attracts a lot of viewers, and betting on its tournaments has never been more lucrative. And due to its popularity in Poland, many bookmakers operate on the Internet and offer a wide range of betting opportunities. It’s easy to bet with just about any online casino because the betting markets continue to expand with each passing day. If you are a fan of tennis, then this sport is perfect for you if you want to make money with its bets on the Internet.

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