Serena Williams looking on

‘Serena Williams should already be remembered as the best ever,’ says former WTA star


Serena Williams deserves to beat Margaret Court’s all time record of 24 Grand Slam titles, says former WTA ace Barbara Schett.

Williams has been stranded on 23 since winning the Australian Open in 2017, although he has reached four Grand Slam finals since then too.

And Schett, who is now a presenter for Eurosport, admits she will be rooting for Serena Williams again in Australia this month.

“Where does Serena get the motivation from? It is astonishing to me,” Schett told Tennis365.

“I think she wants to go down as the greatest tennis player of all time and that is why she is so keen to get this Margaret Court record.

“To me, already she should be remembered as the best ever. I want her to win another one now because she deserves it.”

Williams will be 40-years-old when the 2021 season ends, although her hunger for tennis shows little sings of diminishing.

“It’s incredible that she wants to win another Grand Slam title at the age of 39,” Schett added. “I can’t believe she is playing at such a good level at this age.

“It is not like she is playing a couple of rounds and bowing out. No, she is getting deep into these tournaments and it is very impressive.

“If someone had told me Serena and Roger Federer would still be playing and competing at the age of 39, I’d have said no chance.

“I retired when I was 28 and I felt I was too old, so this is incredible from these two great champions.”

Serena Williams looking on
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