Roger Federer punches the air at Wimbledon

Roger Federer discussed retirement with his team after injury, coach admits


Roger Federer has proven he still has a huge passion for tennis by fighting back from injury, says long-time fitness coach Pierre Paganini.

Federer will make his return to the ATP Tour in two weeks time after undergoing double knee-surgery.

It has been a long and difficult road back for the 20-time Grand Slam winner, much harder than many realise, and Paganini admits that there was a conversation between Federer and his team about the option to retire instead.

However, such thoughts were quickly put aside and Federer’s passion fuelled a painful recovery instead.

“I can’t imagine the player not asking such questions at all,” Paganini told Tages Anzeiger.

“But when he decided to have the operation, it was logical that he did not want to think about the end of his career.

“He had chosen a route that would take several months and aim at comeback – not unpacking the suitcase.”

When asked if that was evidence that Roger Federer still had a burning passion for tennis, Paganini replied: “Clearly!

“He depends on it, and so do we on his team. Otherwise he would no longer get involved in the training courses that we propose to him.

“When a player at almost 40 has to do exercises again that a 70-year-old can manage without problems, and is happy that Tuesday was better than Monday – is that not a passion!

“You have to be a positive thinking person and find the right mix between strategy and spontaneity.

“Sure, when I say something like that, people think: ‘Of course, he’s part of Federer’s team, and Federer is also a nice guy.

“But I can’t help it that it’s the truth. And that I am constantly surprised myself and sometimes ask myself: Why is he still doing all this?”

Roger Federer punches the air at Wimbledon
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