Robson can cope with hype – Navratilova


Originally published on: 26/02/10 12:34

Aged just 14, Robson won the 2008 Junior Girls title at SW19 and is set to be the youngest player to compete in the main draw since Martina Hingis in 1995.

Navratilova said: “She has got a really nice all-round game and a really good group of people around her, a good head on her shoulders.”

The nine-time Wimbledon champion added: “She seems to take it all in her stride and does not get too caught up in the hype, one way or another.

“You really need to stay on neutral path as much as possible and it is difficult to do that and it is difficult to deal with the expectations of a nation, so much pressure put on by the media and you just have to deal with it as the best you can, because it is all a new situation for you.

“Media hype usually follows success, here in an institution like this, it precedes the success and so it is hard to deal with that.

“It is hard to deal with anyway, but this makes it more difficult.”

Navratilova, 52, added: “Hopefully she will be able to cope with that.

“It has been done before so hopefully she will be able to have some history to go on.

“It is not like you are making new paths so you can figure out the pitfalls and hopefully not repeat the mistakes which have been made before. But still, it is hard mentally.”


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