Federer Wimbledon 2019

‘Incredible longevity makes Roger Federer the greatest – so far,’ says Richard Gasquet


Roger Federer has proven he is the greatest of all time by fighting his way back at 39-years-old, says Richard Gasquet.

Federer was forced to undergo two knee operations in 2020, the second of which left him with ‘almost no muscles left’ and needing to ‘start from scratch,’ according to the Swiss ace.

And as the GOAT debate continues to rage in tennis, Gasquet says the ‘incredible longevity’ of Federer must be taken into consideration.

“It’s fabulous that he’s coming back, unbelievable, at 39-years-old,” Gasquet said of Federer in Doha.

“It’s exceptional after two knee operations. I’m happy he’s coming back, he’s the greatest – so far.

“It’s great that he can still play and we’ll see what happens. It’s fabulous because it’s just Federer,”

“What impresses me is the longevity, the career and the physical impacts he has had. With all the matches he has played he is still there!

“He was able to win a Grand Slam at over 37. He will be 40 in August it’s impressive. That longevity is incredible.”

Federer Wimbledon 2019
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