Stefanos Tsitsipas Australian Open 2019

‘I hope I can get to World No. 1 one day’ says Stefanos Tsitsipas


Stefanos Tsitsipas is hoping for a strong finish to 2021, starting with the US hard-court swing. Following a semi-final run in Toronto, his attentions now turn to Cincinnati.

In the pre-tournament press conference, the 23-year-old spoke in depth about his career aims and expectations.

“My top priority is getting far into tournaments and playing good tennis,” said Tsitsipas. “I have said it: I’m not aiming for titles, I’m not aiming to go and win every single one of them.”

“Obviously I will be very happy if something extremely good comes out of it, I won’t say no to that, and I will work towards that. But the starting point is where the big points are.”

Tsitsipas revealed that his initial goal for 2021 was to break into the top three, now he has achieved that, the Greek wants to maintain his lofty position.

“No. 3 is a number that is very significant and definitely adds some value to the efforts you put in recent times to get there,” Tsitsipas said. “It kind of pushes me to sustain that, to want to go the extra mile in the next tournaments.”

The 2021 Roland Garros finalist hopes to become World number one in the future.

“That was my initial goal from the beginning of the year, to make it into the top three,” he added. “Now the second phase of that goal is to remain there and consistently add points week in and week out and have it close that way at the end of the year. I think that the very next step would be the No. 1 spot, which I hope I can get to one day.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas Australian Open 2019
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