‘Zverev fails because of Zverev – he makes the same mistakes’, says Becker


Boris Becker has condemned Alexander Zverev for his Grand Slam performances, saying it is “annoying” that he fails “every time because of the same mistakes and weaknesses”.

The six-time major champion highlighted Zverev’s “passive” tactic of standing deep and “hoping opponents miss” as the reason he struggles against the best players.

World number five Zverev lost in five sets to Felix Auger-Aliassime in the fourth round of Wimbledon earlier this month.

The German has failed to win any of his 10 Grand Slam encounters with opponents ranked in the top 10.

“I commentated on the match in the round of 16 between Zverev and Auger-Aliassime. It was a roller coaster ride. Partly world class, partly not at all good,” Becker told Eurosport’s The Yellow from the Ball podcast.

“He [Zverev] still makes the same mistakes, that’s the annoying thing. He fails every time because of the same mistakes and weaknesses. What the opponent is called, that doesn’t really matter.

“Zverev fails because of Zverev and not because of the opponent. That must be annoying him. He has a different claim and wants to win Grand Slams.

“He is a leader among the younger generation and doesn’t have to hide behind anyone. But he has to fix the same mistakes and that’s the annoying thing that it repeats from Grand Slam to Grand Slam.

“In critical phases he remains too passive, he stands behind the baseline and hopes that the opponent will make a mistake. That’s enough against the worse-placed players, but the better ones don’t make a mistake.”

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