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All members of the Tennishead CLUB receive a six pack of HALO Hydration powder sticks as part of the membership gift pack


HALO is formulated with a trinity of elements that your body craves. Vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring electrolytes. 

Their products deliver hydration wherever you go. Maybe it’s after a heavy practise session on court or before your daily workout in the gym or maybe you had a match on a Sunday morning and want to feel your best for the rest of the day. HALO Hydration is used daily by none other than Andy Murray who especially likes that the product contains very little sugar but lots of vitamin C. Learn more at

Your Tennishead CLUB gift box (for new and renewing members) will include a 6 pack of HALO Hydration powder sticks

Who are HALO Hydration?


🎾 A low calorie, electrolyte and mineral powder with added vitamins and antioxidant properties to hydrate your body and quench your thirst before, during, and after your workouts

🎾 HALO Hydration has no artificial flavors, preservatives, flavoring or synthetic coloring. All products are natural, vegan, kosher, non-gmo and do not have dairy, soy, or gluten

🎾 HALO Hydration powders contain just 1g of natural organic cane sugar


What products do they offer?


🎾 A range of flavoured powders delivered in handy sticks. Flavours are lemonade, pink lemonade, peach, berry and orange

🎾 Only 1g sugar per stick

🎾 Daily dose of vitamin C to boost immunity

🎾 Proprietary blend of natural electrolytes & ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake of Utah

🎾 Refreshingly complete hydration, with only 15 calories


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