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For 15 years Global Tennis Network has been helping amateur tennis players to find playing partners, locate their nearest courts or club, join local leagues and ladders plus enter local tournaments. The’ve built the World’s biggest database of over 36,000 tennis courts & clubs all searchable in their ‘Court finder’.

They’ve also built a community of over 110,000 keen amateur tennis players who all communicate and play through the Global Tennis Network’s unique offering of local leagues and ladders. Or maybe you have just moved to a new area and simply want to find other tennis players for game. It’s all there for you at

Your 1 year free premium membership with Global Tennis Network will give you enhanced access to this incredible network allowing you to enjoy a whole range of special features. No matter what standard of tennis player you are, absolute beginner, club player, team standard, you’ll benefit from being part of this tennis community.

What is Global Tennis Network?


🎾 The World’s biggest ‘Court Finder’ featuring 36,000 tennis courts and clubs in all countries

🎾 The World’s biggest network of amateur tennis players with over 110,000 keen players joining leagues, ladders or simply arranging to play with other tennis lovers

🎾 Find local tennis leagues and ladders in your area all created by Global Tennis Network members. Or why not start your own ladder!

🎾 Find, join or create tennis networks to enhance your enjoyment of the game

What are the benefits of a Premium Membership with Global Tennis Network?


🎾 Create a network (no more network fees!!)

🎾 Send private messages to other members

🎾 View a player’s match history

🎾 View a player’s match statistics

🎾 View a player’s playing level history

🎾 Join a Top 100 Tennis Ladder near you

🎾 View satellite images of tennis courts

🎾 Create repeating events

🎾 Send mass private or text messages

🎾 Customize your invitation messages

🎾 Removal of most advertisements

Find a tennis court or club  near you


🎾 Featuring 36,326 tennis courts from all countries with more added every day

🎾 Use the ‘court finder’ tool then see a satellite image of the court

🎾 Full details of every court and club including directions, booking links and events

Find a playing partner


🎾 Featuring 115,657 players and growing by over 1,000 new players every month

🎾 Use the search function to find all the players near you

🎾 Use the unique ‘player rating’ system to find players of a similar standard

🎾 Check out the most active players in your area

🎾 Post public comments to help you find the best partner


Global Tennis Network introduction video


Join the Tennishead CLUB

We offer three memberships for the Tennishead CLUB, the MASTERS, the TOUR and the SLAM, which you can join today wherever you live in the World.

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