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All new members of the Tennishead CLUB receive a 3 pack of FURI Sport Ultimate overgrips as part of the membership gift pack


FURI Sport is a New York City based tennis equipment and fashion lifestyle brand for the modern consumer. Their starting point is high-performance, game-changing tennis racquets, apparel, and accessories that take players from the court to the street. 

FURI Sport are challenging long-held conventions and inequalities surrounding the culture of sport. Their Ultimate Overgrip is the most tackiest in the FURI Sport overgrip family. Made with high quality materials, the Ultimate Overgrip provides players with superior moisture absorption, and is ultra-durable. Learn more at

Your Tennishead CLUB gift box will include a ‘3 pack of FURI Sport Ultimate overgrips’.

Who are FURI Sport?


🎾 Founders Erick and Michelle launched the brand from New York with a technologically advanced, but inclusively priced tennis racquet. They reimagined a world where there are no barriers to play

🎾 Baseball fan Erick Mathelier should never have been a tennis player but a shocking murder in his neighbourhood forced a change of sport onto Erick and he subsequently found his local tennis club. Michelle Spiro, a New Yorker born and bred, is a 30 year old fashion executive with a love of tennis’ heritage

🎾 After meeting in 2014 the pair have designed and launched a range of rackets, bags, strings, overgrips and apparel all under the FURI Sport brand


What products do they offer?


🎾 Family of rackets including the ARMA LITE V2 and the ARMA PRO V2

🎾 Four different fashionable bags all big enough to handle your on-court needs

🎾 A range of stylish apparel that meets at the intersection of sport and streetwear

🎾 Racket strings and overgrips to suit any player


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