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‘Jenson Brooksby and Sebastian Korda are best American candidates for winning a Slam’ – believes compatriot Reilly Opelka

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Reilly Opelka has enjoyed a successful 2021, moving inside the world’s top 25 for the first time in his career. The big-serving American has tipped young compatriots Sebastian Korda and Jenson Brooksby for future Major success.

Opelka highlighted the work that Novak Djokovic puts in on and off the court – whether it’s food, having his own stringer or building a team that provides stats and insights for every match. The American believes these small margins make big differences in results.

“You look at some of the things those guys they do,” Opelka said. “There’s just marginal gains. Novak brings his own food to the courts, he’s eating his own meals to the courts every day. They have their own kind of racket guys they’re using, making adjustments to the rackets.”

“They are spending a lot of money to get stats and data before they are playing,” he added. “It’s just those little marginal gains that make a world of difference in this business.”

Opelka feels he is still a long way from competing with Daniil Medvedev, who is a level below Djokovic.

“Medvedev really beat me head to head,” Opelka said on their Toronto match. “In a two-out-of-three set match, I didn’t have much of a chance, you know, three out of five, which I didn’t have much of a chance at the French Open with him. And then there is still another level above him, which is Novak. So, no, no, I’m not there, I’m not close yet.”

The America tipped Brooksby and Korda to win Majors in the future.

“I think it’s just — you know, I don’t think we will have a Sampras, Agassi era of just dominance like that again,” Opelka added. “It’s rare for any country. Russia is kind of the closest thing to it now. But I think Brooksby is our best, Brooksby and Korda are our best top candidates for maybe winning a Slam of the young guys.”


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Reilly Opelka
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