‘Fear and Doubts’ online seminar from Mindset College


Presented by David Sammel, founder of Mindset College, this 30 minute online training course will help tennis players of all standard from beginners right through to accomplished tournament players. 

To contact David to discuss Mindset College’s unique training please email him on [email protected] and to learn more about what Mindset College can offer you, take a look at David would be delighted to discuss an extended personalised training plan to expand on what you have learned through his ‘Fear and Doubts’ training course.


CLICK HERE to download and read the supporting documentation to accompany this online seminar. The supporting documentation will enhance your learning during this seminar and also act as a detailed reminder of everything you have learnt.


The timing within the video of each different lesson is as follows:

Part 1, Fear >> 2 minutes 26 seconds

Part 2, Historic Fear >> 10 minutes 36 seconds

Part 3, Doubt >> 21 minutes 20 seconds


If you have any questions before or after you’ve taken this course please contact David Sammel directly on [email protected] or tennishead on [email protected] or WhatsApp/Text/Call on +44 (0)7554 591904.


Please enjoy the seminar…


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