Reilly Opelka

‘ATP bubbles are just for show,’ claims a disgruntled Reilly Opelka

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Reilly Opelka has once again his out at the ATP over their organisation of the Tour during the coronavirus pandemic.

The American has previously said he is struggling to even break even at many tournaments due to the reduced prize money.

He has taken to social media again though to unfavourably compare tennis players’ situation with golfers, while also claiming the ‘bubbles’ players are forced to stay in are just for show.

“Are we lucky to still have jobs? Yes, 100%,” Opelka wrote on Twitter.

“But if you compare to other sports, and we are not so lucky. PGA players are not taking a 70% pay cut.”

“Other sports are not having to stay in “bubbles” either. Our bubbles are strictly for optics (besides Miami open).

“Outside guests are always there, and tournament staff (that we are close contacts with) get to go home.”

Reilly Opelka
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